Residential Level II

North Carolina has undergone major changes in its child welfare system. It has created a need for specialization in childcare facilities. Nazareth Child & Family Connection has targeted a specific population of North Carolina’s children and developed a program that specifically address deficit areas children may exhibit in their home environment, educational setting, and in the community. Residential Level II provides mental health services for those individuals who has documented struggles in the above environments and has a mental health diagnosis that helps to define the reasons for the socially unacceptable behaviors displayed.

The program provides short-term therapeutic group home care for those individuals referred by the Care Coordination Team at Cardinal Innovations, current clinical homes, and DSS. Along with the campus Case Manager, the family, DSS Social Worker when they are involved, and the clients, the goal is to successfully reunite these individuals with their families equipped with the tools they need to better cope with challenges in their lives.

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Focus Program

The Focus Program is designed for children who have been removed from family and placed in the state’s care for an indefinite period of time. These children are likely to have been removed from their homes as a result of emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect. These children have experienced some form of trauma. The Sanctuary Model recognizes that “hurt people hurt people” and that therefore, creating and sustaining a just environment is vital to everyone’s safety and well-being. We strive to give each resident an environment that promotes growth and change. The Sanctuary Model is the program’s primary treatment service.

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Transitional Care

Programs of this type were conceived out of a need in the childcare profession to better prepare young people. With proper training, resources, and opportunities for practice, youth are less likely to experience homelessness. The Transitional Living Program is a unique concept in answering this need. Our program is designed to offer low structure in a residential setting to youth who can benefit from being more self-reliant while simultaneously, raising the structure for those who are not ready for increased responsibility. This program teaches them to make appropriate decisions and redirects them whenever the appropriate decisions are not made.

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