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Lyft Charlotte Grocery Access Program

$2.00 Flat Fare to Food Destinations in Charlotte

Eligible residents will receive $2 flat-rate fares* on 8 rides per month - or 2 round-trip rides per week - to and from designated grocery stores and food pantries during the pilot (July 29 - December, 2019). 

*Should a ride be valued at more than $10, the rider will be responsible for the difference beyond that amount. For example: if a ride’s value came to $12 total, the rider would pay the $2 flat-rate + $2 ($12-$10), or $4 total. 

What is a food desert? Food deserts are defined as parts of the country void of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas. This is largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and healthy food providers.

Residents in these areas often have to travel further to access a full-service grocery store, which increases transportation costs and often squeezes a household’s already limited budget. Moreover, lack of access to the foods necessary for a healthy and balanced diet can lead to poor health outcomes.

How it works

-Eligible participants can register via our online pre-registration link. 

-English Version

-Spanish Version

 Once registered, Lyft will send an email to participants directly notifying them of registration completion, initial code drop & participating food retail outlets and food pantries.

Participants without a Lyft account will receive an email with information on how to sign up for Lyft, followed by notification of the initial code drop once account is active.

Email notifications will follow monthly - as codes are dropped - for the duration of the program.

Participants can travel to or from the following grocery store locations, geofenced in the Lyft app:


-  Food Lion

- Aldi

- Compare Foods 

- Walmart

- Harveys Supermarket 

- Christian Mission Charlotte

- Loaves & Fishes Biddle Point*

- Loaves & Fishes CRC*

- Loaves & Fishes Goodwill Opportunity Campus*

- Loaves & Fishes Mini Pantry at Movement Family*

- Loaves & Fishes Mini Pantry Harris Campus*

- Loaves & Fishes New Zion*

- New Shiloh Baptist Church

- Second Harvest Food Bank


- Food Lion

- Aldi

- Latda Asian Food Market

- Rosa Parks Farmers Market 

- Walmart

- Loaves & Fishes Hope Covenant*

- Loaves & Fishes New Emmanuel*

- Macedonia Baptist Church

- Reeder Memorial Baptist Church

*A referral is required to visit a Loaves & Fishes pantry. Please contact Loaves & Fishes at 704.523.4333 or visit to learn how to receive a referral.

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