Parent Testimony

"When my son was referred to the day treatment program at Crescent Academy I was so very devastated. I was devastated because everything I had been seeing and hearing about his behavior had, at that moment, become surreal. We were out of options, and the public school where he attended was basically giving up on us. So I tried everything I could to make the transition smooth since it was what we had to do. I even checked into other options such as paying for private school. My son had been accepted and we had visited the school.


"I began to seek God. I begged God to be a voice in my life and to speak though my son so that I made the right decision for my son. I went and visited Crescent Academy and met the staff there with my son at my side. He actually enjoyed it, from the start! I was more guarded and just kept saying to myself, “no, not here, my son won’t be here.” There was nothing wrong with the place or the people, I just did not want my child to fall through the cracks and be singled out by being there.

I heard from God and he told me, “You asked for help, allow them to help.”


I was obedient to his words and worked closely with everyone on staff for a smooth transition. I want to encourage any parent, loved one, and guardian to trust the staff at Crescent.


"These wonderful people have years of experience and education. Do not let what others may say, keep your child from getting what he/she needs. Crescent Academy was the BEST thing for myself and my son. The staff communicate extremely well and for me, that was a huge thing. I cried when I dropped my son off for his first day at Crescent as tears ran down my face I said, “I trust you Lord.” Believe it or not, on his last day at Crescent Academy as he was not only transitioning back to regular school but also a new school in a new city, those tears ran down my face again and I said with a smile on my face, “thank you Lord.” My son has not only been able to control his behaviors but he is in gifted and talented, the good news club, and on the basketball team at his new school. He is thriving and proving that the skills he was given at Crescent, were skills he is able to implement into his everyday life.


"I said I would tell the world how great this organization is and has been. Even now, the teachers and director call and check on him and continues to encourage us as a family. I appreciate everyone and their knowledge and guidance given to us to help my son be more successful.

I would recommend this program to any parent or guardian that has a child struggling to adapt in regular school.


Even the summer program was amazing, my son got to experience so many things and learn about things on a more hands on level to encourage more social interactions and it was free to us. Not only am I grateful for what this program has done for my family, I continue to donate to this organization so that it can be better and better.


"Thanks to everyone that played a part in my son’s growth!"