Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy

Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy for Individuals and Groups

Here at Nazareth Child & Family Connection, we have individual and group outpatient therapy for those who battle with substance abuse. We take appointments daily, and we accept walk-ins if it is an emergency. Our staff can accommodate emergency clients, and we are flexible in our hours of operation. We want to make sure all our clients are comfortable with the times they request our services. Situations like work or emergencies we work around to get the patient the best help possible. Some people prefer to work strictly with a counselor one on one. Others feel more comfortable working in a group, so they do not feel like they are the only ones with the problems they face in substance abuse. We treat patients who suffer from teenage addictions to young adults and families. As long as the treatments are consistent and the patient complies with the schedules applied, they will overcome, and sessions end when we feel the patient is ready.

Our outpatient substance abuse therapy makes the client feel comfortable, and it challenges the patient to go through daily tasks similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous Program with the 12 steps. All of these groups have the same goal in mind: to help the patient overcome the habits they face. We have a suboxone clinic for those who are looking for opiate/opioid treatments. Suboxone is an alternative to taking methadone for those battling addiction. It works through all stages very well and brings to light both the patient's behavioral and physical health. Our outpatient department has licensed counselors, psychiatrists, addiction specialists, clinical social workers, and volunteer aids to assist with the programs. Another goal is to make the patient feel like they do not have to stay here at our facilities overnight or for extended periods. We find this adds to their peace of mind and sometimes a faster recovery.

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