Child & Family Connection

The Important Value of Child & Family Connection

There is an essential value to child & family connection. A child has to feel needed and wanted. Nothing on earth can give a child a sense of love as being part of a family. Nazareth Child & Family Connection works with both parties to ensure the environment is suited for the child and assist any special needs for the family to take care of the child. Sometimes children are traumatized, and they need special attention. The families that take foster children are fully aware of everything they are taking on at the time of the paperwork. With the full embracement and support from our services, we all work together to transform a child's future according to their needs. We have been doing this for over a century, since 1906. Our goal in mind is not to have only a happy child but a happy family. It is the foundation of everything.

One part of our services, family foster care, work to put children first and find foster homes or families who are willing to adopt at-risk children. These children cannot live with their birth parents for whatever reason, and they have no one in their blood-related family to take them in. Foster parents who take the children have the right to adopt if they so wish. They are the first pick so that the children stay with one family as much as possible. All cases go under review, and the process is known as "fostering to adopt." There are steps to take beginning with knowing the child to adopt a child in family foster care. Some of these families either know or have spoken to the child's original family. If a child is already taken care of in a foster home, it is quicker, cheaper, and less stressful for everyone during the adoption.