Founded in 1906, Nazareth Child & Family Connection is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for every child, individual, and family. 

Nazareth has an array of services which are provided in our continuum of care including Family Foster Care, Adoptions, Transitional Living Services for Young Adults, Level II Therapeutic Residential, Short Term Care, Individual and Group Outpatient Therapy, Psychiatric Services, and Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy in Rowan and Davidson Counties.

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Behavioral Health

The behavioral health facilities of Nazareth Child & Family Connection are located in Salisbury and Lexington, North Carolina. Nazareth's clinics serve individuals with mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disability needs.


Our staff consists of licensed social workers, psychologists, professional counselors, and physicians working together to provide the best evidence-based services in the area. Nazareth provides psychological testing, marriage and family counseling, couples counseling, therapy for mental health disorders, addiction treatment, substance abuse intensive outpatient programs, and medication-assisted therapy utilizing suboxone.





North Carolina has undergone major changes in its child welfare system. It has created a need for specialization in childcare facilities. Nazareth Child & Family Connection has targeted a specific population of North Carolina’s children and developed a program that specifically address deficit areas children may exhibit in their home environment, educational setting, and in the community.




Crescent Academy works with students who have not fit into a traditional classroom setting. We use the Sanctuary Model, a trauma informed approach as a foundation for our work with students. We work on academics as well as behavioral and social skill development.


The program is designed to be a short term (6-9 months) program to help teach students coping skills so that they can better manage their emotions and behaviors when they return to a regular school setting. The program uses hands on learning to build positive experiences for students. We then use a positive based motivation system to help students strive to reach their potential. All students receive individual and family therapy while in the program to help the entire family learn to work with their student. We have locations at Henderson Independent, Hanford-Dole Elementary, and on the Nazareth campus.


The Adoption and Family Foster Care programs at Nazareth Child & Family Connection are designed to find adoptive or foster homes for legally free and at-risk children, who over a period of time have been unable to return to live with their birth parents or with other family members. Once children are available for adoption, their foster parents are the first ones given the opportunity to adopt. This process is called “fostering to adopt”. There are many benefits to this process. First, you already have an established relationship with the child. Secondly, you already have had the contact and possibly relationships with extended family and birth parents of the children. Thirdly, it is significantly less expensive to adopt a child who is already placed in your home as a foster child.

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